Welcome to Belize!

Belize is well-known for its relaxed culture. The people of Belize are all about relaxing and forgetting about time and work. This beautiful place offers great outdoor adventures from hiking to scuba diving and even some historical exploration. Belize has a rich Mayan history and draws a lot of anthropological and history students. Take a moment to shop at Indoor Water Fountains and tell them that BHC sent you!

10 Best Honeymoon Resorts in Belize

Are you planning on taking an exotic vacation or honeymoon? Then you need to head to Belize. It is one ...
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5 Top Restaurants in Belize for an Unforgettable Dining Experience

Belize will tempt your taste buds and make your mouth water. Their chefs use fresh ingredients from seafood from The ...
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5 Things to Know Before You Visit Belize

Before visiting Belize, there are a few things you should know. Planning a vacation to another country or unknown state ...
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Creole Language of Belize

If you look at the faces of Belize they represent a diverse cultural landscape. There are Creoles, Mesitzos, Mayas, Garifunas, ...
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Dental Clinics in Belize

See the most recommended dentists in Belize City, Belize. Honest opinions shared by friends and neighbors and details on Dental ...
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Belize Music

The music of Belize is derived from a mixture of British, Spanish, Mestizo, Maya, and African cultures. The ancient Mayans ...
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History of Belize

Well before the colonial times of the British, Belize was the home of migrant Asian tribes who traveled east centuries ...
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Belize Newspapers

One thing nice about the official language being English in Belize is that you will be able to read the ...
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Belize Recipes – Adventure in Basics!

The daily food staples for the people of Belize are much the same as other Central American countries: Poultry, beans, ...
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Belize Sports

Sports are of major importance to the people of Belize. Belize has not been a major competitor in the international ...
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Belize Fishing

There is no problem fishing in Belize as there is an abundance of fish like in any tropical or Caribbean ...
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Belize Art – Always an Experience!

Belizean art is going to reflect the Mayan cultures as well as the era when slaves brought to and worked ...
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Belize Car Rentals

You will find most of the rental car availability in Belize City and the International Airport in Ladyville. Most of ...
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Belize Boat Schedules

The country of Belize has approximately 400 islands and 200 miles (325 km) of coastal land. As you can imagine, ...
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Belize Customs Regulations

Travelers entering Belize from the United States are only required to have a U.S. Passport and no visa is required ...
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Living & Retiring in Belize

When you arrive in Belize, you are granted a 30-day visa. This applies to all visitors across the board. This ...
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Belize Tourism

Tourism is a significant industry in Belize as less focus is placed on harvesting the forests for wood and more ...
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Belize Surfing

The problem with surfing in Belize is that the oceans are fairly calm as they are protected by the long ...
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Belize Weather

Belize has a sub-tropical climate. Average humidity is 85% and most of it is on the coastlines and rainforests. The ...
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Belize Government

Belize has a parliamentary democracy as its form of government much like that of Westminster. The country was granted its ...
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Belize Visa Information

Belize welcomes immigrants who are in a position to come to the country and establish themselves without government assistance for ...
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Belize Vacation

The charming country of Belize is well known as a travel destination around the world. This is attributed to primarily ...
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Belize Spanish Courses

Many countries in Central America have actual Spanish "boot camps" where you as a tourist can enroll and get totally ...
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Belize Exchange Rate

The Belize exchange rate is roughly 2 Belizean Dollars to 1 U.S. Dollar. Paper money is printed in Belize in ...
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Belize Banking Requirements

If you are a corporation and tired of the government taxing you and regulating your banking then Belize is one ...
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Where to Retire in Belize

While reasonably priced housing and Program advantages such as tax and duty exemptions attract retirees, we are also aware that retirees would also want a place where they belong and have a role in continuing to be productive members of society. When it comes to where in Belize you want to live depends on how immersed in the Belizean culture you wish to the type of lifestyle you wish to lead. Housing and land are relatively inexpensive in Belize compared to more popular destinations in the Caribbean and Latin American countries.

Since the legislation of the Retired Persons Incentive Program in 1999, there has been new developments with regards to specific housing facility services, or retirement communities, offering full amenities and customized packages to retirees

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Visiting Belize that Will Make Your Holiday More Enjoyable

Once you are in Belize, you should follow these simple tips:

image courtesy of Belize Vacations with tons of tips on getting around Belize

1. Be friendly and chill out

Belizean people are very friendly and warm (so is the Belize weather!). They like to be acknowledged and they love to strike up conversations and tell stories. They are very conversational and you will hear a lot of interesting and funny stories. Make some friends, be friendly to everyone, avoid conflict, and enjoy the relaxed way of doing things.

2. Watch your belongings and don’t get taken for a ride

You will find many street vendors in Belize. Some of them import handicrafts from Guatemala and sell it for high prices. If it seems too expensive, it probably is. You can negotiate the price or move along and find a vendor that offers a lower price. Despite the relaxed nature of Belize, you should still take care to keep your belongings safe. Don’t be extra flashy and exorbitant.

3. Show respect for nature and natural habitats

If you cannot behave yourself and treat nature with respect, don’t go to Belize. The locals are very serious about treating nature well and not littering, damaging, or abusing any part of what nature offers. Belize has more eco-lodges that any other country in Central America.

4. Leave your scheduling at home

We have mentioned that the people of Belize are relaxed and friendly. This shows in their tour and bus schedules. Don’t expect tours to start on time or buses to arrive on time. Everything happens on island time, including your Belize Honeymoon,  and you will do well to just go with it. Getting upset about it will not change anything, it will just spoil your mood.

The best time to go to Belize is from April to August when the tourists are few and the prices are lower. It is beautiful always, but even more so in the rainy months. If you keep these things in mind, you will have a great time in Belize.

6 Day Magical Belize Vacation

The 6 Day Magical tour activities include 5 of the most popular traveler attractions in Belize: tubing through a marvelous cave branch system and zip-lining through the pristine tropical rainforest canopy; cruising the New River from Orange Walk to the Ancient Mayan City of Lamanai; undertaking the awesome Actun Tunichil Muknal Underground Caving Expedition to discover the Crystal Mayan Maiden and the calcite encrusted remains of another thirteen human beings, which have lain undisturbed, deep in those caves, since the ninth century. snorkeling over the coral reef at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark/Ray Alley