Belize Recipes – Adventure in Basics!

The daily food staples for the people of Belize are much the same as other Central American countries: Poultry, beans, rice, corn, fish, pork, and beef. But there are many different recipes that the locals can create from these main staples that make the food very interesting.

Seafood is always a favorite of tourists here and you can make some specialties yourself if not here then back home. Here are a few:

Belizean Bake Fish

You will want to use smaller fish for this one and when you will bake the entire fish to include the head. Sometimes the fisherman will slice the sides. You can poor seasoned salt in those cuts if you like. Get half a cup of fresh diced tomatoes, half of a green bell pepper, and a half cup of diced onions. Mix the vegetables together and then sprinkle with black pepper and seasoned salt. You are now going to basically stuff all the cavities of the fish with the vegetable mix and then vegetables left over will be wrapped with the fish in a sheet of foil. With the fish all wrapped in foil, you will back at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes. Serve the vegetables, fish, and white rice together for a delicious meal.


This is a Caribbean favorite enjoyed in many Central American countries. You simply take fish or shellfish and soak in lime juice. Some people like some diced onions mixed in their too. The lime juice cures the fish (in effect, cooks the fish). Put some on crackers and you have an excellent snack. If you use shrimp or lobster instead of fish then you should parboil them first so that the meat will not be pink.restaurant_we

Belizean Scrambled Eggs

Take some Roma tomatoes (two or three) and dice. Cook these in the skillet to dry out all of the water. Peel an avocado and cut it into cubes one-inch square. Sprinkle the avocado with some garlic salt. Scramble some eggs and then when they begin to set, pour in the tomatoes and avocados.

And these are just a few Belize recipes. There are many, many, more traditional foods here in Belize. And they are healthy foods too.

Belizean Fry Fish