Belize Vacation

The charming country of Belize is well known as a travel destination around the world. This is attributed to primarily the lower cost of living, our tropical climate and the official language of Belize being English. But Belize boasts this and more...Belize is on the Caribbean coast, nestled between Mexico and Guatemala and offers an intriguing mix of tropical forests rich with wildlife, majestic 3,675 foot mountains, mysterious Maya temples, and diving and fishing experiences beyond compare. In a single day you can go from tropical forest to the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere.

Popular Vacation Destination

A very popular vacation destination in the Caribbean is Belize. This tiny country stands out in contrast to its Central American neighbors in that it is the only one where English is the official language. Belize is a laid-back place and you will find most of the people here very friendly. The government is stable and the U.S. dollar goes a long way here.

Many U.S. tourists are worried about leaving the homeland and traveling to foreign vacation destinations since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers. There is little threat of terrorist activity in Belize however one should always be aware of his or her surroundings when frequenting places in foreign lands that are favorite tourist spots.


The weather in Belize is pleasant for the most part but there is a hurricane season from June to November and historically, Belize has been hit by some devastating hurricanes. The best advice is to pay attention to the weather reports and warnings and do not be caught in low lying islands should a storm hit.


Belize is a developing country and usually this means that they don’t always take the safety measures that most are accustomed to in North America and the U.K. Roads are not always in the best conditions and are susceptible to mud slides during the rainy season. Water taxis do not always have the minimum safety equipment and vehicles, busses, and taxis are not always in the safest mechanical conditions.

Sometimes rental diving equipment has not gone through the rigorous inspections that would be otherwise recommended. It is also reported that the doctor’s facilities are not always equipped with modern equipment.

The best advice is to look to see if licenses are displayed for tour operators and those responsible for renting out equipment such as diving gear.


There is a lot of crime in certain areas of Belize City . There has been an increase of petty theft crimes against tourists in both the city and resort areas. The best advice is to once again be aware of your surroundings, travel in groups, and use caution when going out after dark.

But after all, what fun would a vacation be without a little risk? Belize travel can be rewarding. Check the Belize bus schedules, Belize boat schedules and many of the Belize tours .

Perfect Honeymoon Spot

Swaying Palms, sandy beaches, and warm ocean breezes welcome you to Belize, the perfect honeymoon destination.