Belize Tourism

Tourism is a significant industry in Belize as less focus is placed on harvesting the forests for wood and more is focused on providing another destination for an eco-tourist. Of course beachfront resorts and all the activities that go with those draw tourists here as well. The tourism industry suffered somewhat in the past as the number of visitors coming to Belize continued to decline. In 1996 the Ministry of Tourism was established as a channel between commercial businesses and the government in area of tourism and the industry has improved ever since. In fact, tourism is the most significant contributor to the economic growth of this country today.

The eco-tourism industry is popular in Belize as well as the majority of Central America. This form of tourism appeals to those who want to experience nature in its most natural habitat and connect with the forests and wildlife. There is an organization here known as the BETA which stands for the Belize Eco-Tourism Association. It is an advocate group formed in 1993 to ensure responsible tourism in Belize with regard to preservation of the ecological resources.

In the northern area of Belize, for instance, one can enjoy nature with the availability of bird watching, fishing, horseback riding, jungle lodges, and tours of the Mayan cities. In fact, the northern part of Belize seems to be not too well-known by most tourists so you will probably be able to enjoy relatively untouched jungles and great prices.

The official website of the Belize Tourism Board can be found at Here you will find helpful information as to the weather, where to go, what to bring, and what to expect when you enter the country. In fact, on just the home page of the web site, you have a large group of links where you can find just about any bit of information you need with respect to things to do, places to see, planning your visit, and all about Belize.

Belize is definitely a tourist destination worth considering.