Belize Car Rentals

You will find most of the rental car availability in Belize City and the International Airport in Ladyville. Most of your name brand Rental car agencies operate here plus some local Belizean operators. In comparison to U.S. prices, Belizean rental car prices are somewhat high. You can look to pay between BZ $120 and BZ $125 per day for a rental car. For example, some sub-compacts can rent for around $150 BZ per day. You can in some cases get a slight price break for weekly rentals that can be around BZ $900 per week. Most really don't need to rent a car if doing the eco-tour as many hotels will have all-terrain vehicles that come complete with guides in the neighborhood of around BZ $400 per day. You might also be able to find some rentals at a few of the resorts for between BZ $150 to BZ $180 per day.

If you are renting a car in Belize, keep in mind that there are many land conditions in the country that require a four-wheel drive vehicle. In fact if you are going to get the maximum experience from your interior jungle tour, you will need a four wheel drive vehicle. With a standard two-wheel drive sedan you will never be able navigate mudslides and unpaved roads during the rainy season.

If your credit card provides collision damage coverage for rental cards then you won't need to buy the extra coverage at the rental car agency. But if you purchase this coverage for your rental in Belize, it is liable to cost you between BZ $20 and BZ $40 per day. Typical rental car collision deductibles can also run between BZ $1,000 and BZ $4,000.

Your driver's license from the United States or Canada will be valid to rent a car in Belize. With Belize car rental you must be at least 25 years of age and have a major credit card in order to rent a car in Belize.