Belize Fishing

There is no problem fishing in Belize as there is an abundance of fish like in any tropical or Caribbean paradise. And with the warm Caribbean waters off the coastline and the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, fishing is better than ever here.

Turneff Atoll

One of the favorite places is the Turneff Atoll which is 25 miles away from Belize City. This is a place with mangrove clusters, swamps, flatwaters, and protected creeks. The fish are hard fighting here and give sport to the catch. You can catch bonefish, marlin, sailfish, wahoo, groupers, snapper, jacks, permit, and blackfin tuna. The fish around here like bait mostly consisting of shrimp and crabs but you can use your flies too. It is reported that the interior fish tend to be larger and really respond well to flies. It is important to polish you skill at casting too because the fish around here tend to be very mobile.

You might be wondering what type of rod to bring. It is recommended that your choice in a fishing rod should be between the seven and nine-weight class. You will find that bonefish weigh about four to five pounds on average. Another fish, permit, has been known to get up to 40 pounds. In this case you would need about a nine or ten-weight rod.

Tarpon fishing

If you want to do some serious Tarpon fishing , you will want to come in June, July, and August as these are the peak months for this type of fish. You will find that 60 to 90-pound catches of Tarpon are not uncommon during this period. And sometimes there are even catches of 100 to 150-pound Tarpon. For a Tarpon of this size, you would need an 11 to 12-weight rod.

Your rod should have a saltwater reel. In Belize, a fishing license is required if you are not a citizen. You can obtain the license at some place like Middle Caye for a cost of $25 U.S. And we have only touched on Belize fishing!