History of Belize

Well before the colonial times of the British, Belize was the home of migrant Asian tribes who traveled east centuries ago searching for new areas to settle. The Asian migrants form the indigenous tribes of Belize today. Of course, in the 15th Century, the drive by Europe to colonize the New World would begin and form a different Belize.

Early inhabitants

Early inhabitants of Belize and the rest of the Caribbean and Central American regions were people from the tribes known as the Caribs and Arawaks. They were like other native tribes throughout the Americas: skilled hunters, fishers, and farmers.

How was Belize Discovered?

New World exploration of the Caribbean would bring squabbles over the region between the British, Dutch, French, and Spanish. All of these countries saw the value of Belize in terms of agriculture and of course wars would be fought for control of the region.

The New World explorers would not only bring their violent methods of domination but would also bring